Thursday, October 14, 2010

Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus, our Lord.

Wages = payment, cost, what we deserve
death = separation from God
BUT = there is still hope
gift = something that's given to you, you don't deserve
God = the greatest Giver
eternal life = life with God
Christ Jesus = the only way to eternal life
Lord = owner, boss, the one who controls your life

So, how can we enjoy God's gift of eternal life?
Through Jesus Christ who died for our sins. I f we just confess our sins and ask for His forgiveness, He is faithful to take away all our transgressions. He is a God of forgiveness.

This is one of my favorite verses in Bible. It is complete, precise, and full of wisdom.
As Christians, we can use this verse in evangelism and winning souls for God.
This is what we call a "one-verse evangelism". God bless you!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Obedience = Blessing

It was year 1998 when one family came to San Jose City from Baguio City. They were carried by trucks and jeepneys, the family and many of their friends. They brought with them their valuables and things ready to transfer to San Jose City. They found a place to stay in temporarily; there was a friend who accommodated them for several days. For the first week of their stay in San Jose City, it was black out all over the city, it was pretty hard for them (knowing that they are from a cooler place). The family that was sent to San Jose City is no other than my family.
I was 6 years old when we came here. There was no Jollibee, no cold and fresh air, and the water was warm that when we take a bath we used to put in some ice on the water pale. Those was my problems that time, but while I was trying to overcome those little problems, I did not know what my parents are going through. They left our business in Baguio, we had just enough money for a few days' food. Some relatives from Pampanga sent their help and support for our family, and from those, we had enough resources to move in another house: smaller, yet we can call "ours". After months of the stay, my parents planned to put up a business, with the help of some relatives. They started a school named St. John's Academy, which only accommodates preschool and grades 1,2, and 3. After few years, it was expanded into preschool and complete elementary. Presently, we have hundreds of students from preschool to high school. Looking back at what we've been through, I can testify of God's greatness in my family. We just have to learn to follow wherever He leads us, swallow whatever He feeds us, and just be partners with Him.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shifting is My Choice

For the last two years, I studied at CLSU, CBAA as a Management student. Just right before this semester started, I have decided not to pursue my course. I had so many reasons and one of those was being actually bored. I thought that maybe Management does not fit my personality. For two years, I have struggled in pursuing my course, but the time came when I had to choose whether to finish me course or shift to another course that I like more.

At first, my dad did not approve my plan of shifting course, but my mom told me that she will support whatever my plan is. Then, I went to CLSU to shift and enroll in BSHRM. Some friends (Joyce, Buddy Jen, Mack, Val) helped me to enter the department. I registered late and was listed to the 4th section of first year students.

After the registration, I really felt happy and joyful knowing that I made a big decision which can affect my entire life. When I planned of shifting, I really prayed for and thought deep about it. Some people discouraged me from shifting, and only a few agreed with my plan. For the first time, I had to decide on my own and the decision can change my life forever. I know I made the right decision-to shift from HRDM to HRM. Right now, I am so much enjoying my new course. I had more friends that I have at CBAA. My teachers and professors know me, they are also my friends. My grades, well, I can say is better than my past grades. I learn a lot about my subjects. I enjoy going to school bringing set of knives, plates, ingredients, and wearing white and green uniforms.

One semester has already passed, and I am very proud and happy to say that "Shifting is my choice."

Thursday, April 3, 2008

my F1rst blog... ever..

Since, this is my first blog (ever!:) i have to do it nicely and meaningfully.. My sis, jez, just asked me to open a blogger account. I borrowed the laptop from her then, maybe intentionally, she left the internet in the Blogger site.
Well, since i'm already in this site, i tried it. Hope it'll work! wish me luck!

Right now, I'm actually staring at the monitor thinking what to blog.Hmmmmmm...

I still can't think of anything! Whew! Help! Help! Help! :)

Oh, i think i already know what to blog..

Last June,'07 i walked into my school as a senior. That same minute i walked into my school looking for my friends. I didn't know where my room was unti
l the guard pointed me to the last door of the building. As I step in the room, I was slightly shy. I didn't know why. They're my same junior mates. Maybe 'coz we didn't see each other for less or more than two months, I'm not so sure, but there's a strange feeling of pagka-ilang.. Anyway, as the days go by, we started doing the same things as we do it last year.
From June to October, things are going well. I had my best friends, Danelle, Von and Potong.
Until November came and there was a sudden misunderstanding between me and my best friends, Von and Potong. At the beginning of the class, I was just having fun being alone, then, unconsciously my friends noticed that there are changes between us when they tried to talk to me, i just answered a nonsense respond and we started avoiding each other. My birthday (Nov 19) passed without any improvement in our friendship status. Christmas time came and we had a gift giving in our section and I heard some rumors that one of my best friends
picked my name accidentally.Finally, the gift-giving time came! Knowing that one of them will be giving his gift to me, I hurriedly went home avoiding them. The night the gift-giving was over, one of our kasama's, ate jenny rose, handed me a gift wrapped in a brown wrapper labeled: To Vanj, From Von. Inside me, I was happy and little sad when I received the gift, but, we all have pride that's why I said to ate Jenny that I won't open that gift forever. The Christmas vacation was over, it was already 2008. A terrible, horrible, embarrassing, defamating incident happened to me before classes resumed. That was the time that I needed moral support very badly. First day of school in the year 2008, I can't enjoy being with my girl friends, because there's really one thing bothering me. Everytime I see happy faces I ask my self why can't I have a smile like those smiles I see everywhere around me, until tears have fallen from my eyes unnoticingly. My best friend, Danelle asked what is wrong with me, I tried to hide the sad face, but I just can't get over it! I cried in front of her, not telling her why, but I know that she felt the very deep meaning of each tear that has fallen from my small eyes. After a few moments, I was calmed down and she changed the mood. She told me stories w/c encouraged me a lot. I know that I needed those words. I was just so thankful for having such a blessing like her. Anyway, back to my boy best friends. They heard about my problem. I thought, hearing it would lessen our misunderstanding, but I was wrong. One day, I entered the classroom, the two of them were singing, " Lonely, I'm mister lonely, I have no buddy..." I felt that my blood rose to my head and I know that I blushed that moment because of my anger. That moment, I didn't continue to enter the classroom. I went to the office, sat at the sofa, listened to my mp3, and when I felt better, I went back to the room. When it's time for class dismissal, I accidentally saw one of my church mates. I ran into the office, I cried. I felt so embarrassed. I thought of so many things, including committing a suicide. But, of course, as a God-fearing individual, I prayed to God, asking for help. As months pass by, our prom was on the list. The night was incomparable. It was a dream prom for every junior and senior! I was so grateful that night. the day after the prom, me and my family went to Baguio City to have some rest and some bonding when a my mom received a text message saying that one of my classmates just died in a motorcycle accident! I was so shocked. At first, I didn't believe it, but when my mom called my teacher, she broke into tears, I got the answer... We hurriedly went back home to know how things are going. We went to my classmate's house, and I saw many lights around a long, white casket. I wanted to cry loudly. But my tears just don't fall. Days passed by and finally, it was Monday, classes resumed again. I can't imagine entering our classroom without Juancho. The class was so deafeningly quiet.. My classmates don't stop wiping their cheeks and sniffing and sniffing.. I tried to break the silence by switching on my speaker. Little by little, it worked. Days went on and on.. Until the day that Von walked in front of me, in his head down, he apologized to me. Right away, I accepted his apology and also apologized to him. Finally, Von and I were okay. Although we didn't have the closeness that we used to have for 6 years, I felt better. I thought that forgiving him was the end of my trials, but I was wrong. Potong still hates me.. haha! Anyway, days before graduation, I opened my YM and saw that he's on line.. Unexpectedly, he sent me an IM saying, "good evening". I replied right away and guess what, we're now bestfriends..again.. Until graduation day came, time to let go... I hate it when we said goodbyes to each other, but that's life... Nothing's certain, except for changes...right? Potong will be studying in Baguio, Von at Cabanatuan, and Vanj just over there... haha...

Even if we will be parting ways, we would still be friends and living away won't change that...

I hope you enjoyed reading. That's my 4th year high school story...